Note: This blog was supposed to go out last Friday and references Thursday’s blog and is then referenced in Saturday’s blog.

It didn’t go out though.

So here it is – the content is still valid;


I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that the wife and I were out till gone 4 in the morning the other Saturday.

We were with five couples at a friend’s house and we were having a good time.

The night before I’d been out till 1am with some other friends.

When I was chatting to some members in the club last Monday and mentioned this, a couple seemed surprised.

Because, that’s not the kind of thing you expect from a Fitness Professional is it?

We’re supposed to live on tupperwared up chicken and broccoli.

Just drink filtered water laced with Branch Chain Amino Acids.

Don’t drink alcohol.

Don’t ever have any fun.

That’s the general assumption of what we’re like.

And maybe some more.

Although I’m confident that those that do the first three do still have fun.

That’s what they enjoy.

And it may be those first three things are the kind of things that are needed to develop a world class physique.

But it’s not needed to develop a reasonably good one.

We can still socialise and have a life that we enjoy whilst creating a body that we like the look and feel of and energy levels that serve us ( if that’s what you’re after).

These things are not mutually exclusive.

It’s when we think that we are, that we don’t get the latter.

We can average out across the course of the week or month to create calorie maintenance or deficit to maintain or lose body fat.

We can be okay with periods of over consumption of more processed and less nutritious food knowing that they’ll be periods of under consumption and / or more fresh and nutritious stuff.

We can fit some exercise into the 10,080 minutes in the week.

Maybe not enough to get us in the Olympics, but enough for us to maintain or improve our bodies.

If we think that we can’t socialise and have a life that we enjoy and the body will like, then one of those things will be sacrificed.

I think we all know which one it is.

If we accept that we can create a balance of all of these things, then we just need to look at the steps to take to make that happen.

Much love,

Jon ‘I don’t think nearly enough 90s bands are being kidnapped anymore so I’ve taken Steps to rectify this’ Hall


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