We’ve mentioned before that we both listen to lots of podcasts (and read lots of books, articles, colouring books, dot to dots, etc).


On all sorts of different areas – training, nutrition, mindset, business, life in general, etc.


I was listening to one the other day.


The guy who’s podcast it was was reading out an email he’d been sent.


In which the writer was giving every excuse under the sun as to why what was being recommended wouldn’t work for him.


He hadn’t even tried like.


But, in his opinion, it wouldn’t work.


The host then gave what I thought was a great line:


“When push comes to shove, your opinion is irrelevant. The numbers don’t lie. You’ve either done the work or you haven’t”


He was completely right.


Those that followed what was being recommended to the letter got great results.


Those who ‘kind of’ did it got some degree of results.


Those that didn’t even try got no results.


There is, of course, a direct parallel with people getting in shape.


Their opinions of why it won’t work for them are kind of irrelevant.


When push comes to shove, the numbers don’t lie.


They’ve either done the work or they haven’t.


Got the result or not.




We are, of course, well aware that there are lots of things that make this journey harder.


Despite some people seeming to think that ‘we have it easy’.


I have kids (three), injuries, illness, people dying, general stresses and strains of life too you know?


We know these things make it all harder.


But not impossible.


And in terms of results, all that ultimately matters is if someone does the work or not.





Much love,


Jon ‘Well – do you understand?’ Hall and Matt ‘Everything except Kapeesh’ Nicolson


P.S. myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting 😉


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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