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I heard something powerful the other day.

Really summed up conversations I’ve had with many people over the years.

“You’re not addicted to food. You’re addicted to wanting to feel better and you don’t have any ways of doing that that you’ve got better at than eating”.

Pretty powerful, no?

After all we’d never say we’re addicted to all food, would we?

I’ve never heard of anyone smashing a week’s worth of Brussel sprouts then regretting it in the morning.

Other less desirable foods are available.

It’s the foods that make us feel better, isn’t it?

Even if it also makes us feel worse (longer term), it definitely makes us feel better.

At least momentarily.

We definitely wouldn’t do it if it didn’t.

So, if we agree that it’s feeling better that were addicted to, then we can work on other ways to feel better.

The challenge, of course, is that eating is probably the quickest and easiest way.

And we’ve practiced ourselves great at it through decades of repetition.

Practicing ourselves better at another way to feel better won’t be easy.

Getting better at anything takes effort and repetition.

It’s why we give up on mediation, mindfulness, journaling and other such practices.

Because we’re unpractised at it and it doesn’t work brilliantly first time.

Just like it didn’t for everyone who ever got better at it with repetition.

Maybe the same is true for exercise?

Getting more sleep, drinking more water, getting more veg in and so on.

We just haven’t practiced ourselves good enough at it to be our ‘go to’ method for feeling better.

Ultimately, we have three choices.

1. Put up with not feeling better (unlikely)

2. Continue with our most practiced methods of feeling better short term (with the same results on feeling worse longer term)

3. Practice ourselves better at the methods we’ve done less, by doing them more (we’ll help with that –>

No right or wrong.

Your choice.

Much love,

Jon ‘Addicted to bass’ Hall


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