The other day I was talking to Toni, one of the our ninjas at Macc.


Toni is a mother of two young girls – Madison and Remi.


And she has undergone an amazing physical transformation since joining us after Remi was born.


She looks absolutely amazing and, apparently, regularly gets other mum’s asking her for her ‘secret’ at the school gates.


After talking to here about it several times, she’s decided to do her Personal Trainer qualification with us through our relationship with The PT RISE (which we can do for any of you lovely people if it’s something you’re interested in? Drop us an email for info. We’ve trained / are training 8 PTs in Buxton and Macc and counting).


I was telling her the other day that I thought she’d do really well as a PT and she told me she’d been thinking about it for a while, but had let a lack of self-confidence and nerves put her off.


But she’s doing it now.


Which is awesome.




People who don’t know me all that well often assume I’m a naturally confident person.


And are surprised, on getting to know me better, that a lot of the stuff I do doesn’t ‘come naturally’ and is a concerted effort on my part.


It’s the same with a lot of people.


The older I get (I’m 34 on Tuesday), the more I find that there aren’t that many people who find confidence comes naturally.


The key is to realise, like Toni has, that the fear will always be there.


We just need to feel it and, as Nike would say, ‘just do it’.


You may find the thought of doing the things you want to do makes you nervous.


Joining a gym, or slimming club or us (applications are being taken at BTW) may fill you with nerves.


Speaking in front of a room full of people probably does the same.


Find a new / leaving an existing partner too.


And turning up to a social event on your own.


Finally trying ‘that thing’ you’ve always wanted to do but never thought you could (it took me years to ‘get round’ to finally joining a pro-wrestling school).


They WILL all fill you with nerves.


Thoughts of “Am I doing the right thing?”


The old “This isn’t for me” type doubts.


The key is to do it anyway.


Accept there’ll be fear.


And, like Toni is, do it anyway.



Much love,


Jon ‘We’re lovin’ it’ Hall and Matt ‘Finger lickin good’ Nicholson


P.S. We’d love to hear if there’s anything you want to do, but have never felt confident enough to – let us know.


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Jon Hall

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