So, the other day Karen, one of our Buxton ninjas tagged me in a photo on facebook.


Hola Karen 😉


She was confused by what it said and wondered what I had to say about it.


It was a photo on article that explained why eating grain based breakfast (toast, cereal, etc) for breakfast is great for weight loss.


And that why people (like me) who say it’s not are wrong.


Before I carry on, I’d like to point out that I’m not “anti bread / cereal” as some people think.


It’s the having them and nothing else that’s bad.


And that most of the bread and cereal available to us is of the ‘super-crap’ quality.


Based on both science and my decade + of experience, having a meal that’s is so high in starches and low in healthy fats and proteins first thing in the morning is mental from a fat loss perspective.


####### Get back on track Jon #########


Another thing that Dax mentioned this weekend was a great quote by Alwyn Cosgrove – a super successful fitness dude, originally from Scotland but now based in the US.


“Methods are many. Principles are few. Methods often change. Principles never do”


In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve got a man crush on Dax now.


His use of this was in reference to us FitPros deciding what methods we should use.


And how it was an understanding of our principles that would enable us to choose the correct methods for us.


RISE is built on 3 main principles:

  1. Make  difference
  2. Have fun
  3. Improve every day


And I’ve found that the key to helping people transform their bodies and lives is to help them understand a few key principles and which ones they’ve let slip in their lives.


It’s things like:


  1. Learn to love yourself as you are
  2. Realise that your happiness comes from within, not external inputs such as cake, alcohol and TV
  3. Accepting that you don’t need to put up with others (or their behaviour at least) that make your journey hard for you
  4. Natural foods that we successfully evolved on are generally better for us than mad made, processed stuff
  5. The balance of carbs : proteins : healthy fats that got us from monkeys to space travel has got to be better than what we’ve been told to do for the last 40 years, which has led to an explosion of obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes


Or summit else – whatever you truly believe about your life and the way things are.


Once you decide on your principles, the selection of the ‘methods’ becomes relatively easy.


For those that have missed him (only his Mum I should imagine), Matt’s heading back to sunny Buxton as we speak.


He’s been in Thailand for a few weeks.


He’ll be back to wearing lycra and eating lettuce very shortly.


Or will he?


Tune in tomorrow to find out.


Much love,


Jon “Fresh Principle of Bel Air” Hall


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P.P.S. We’ve just received the funky voice intro, etc for the podcast. It’s soooo cool!!


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