About a month ago my mum bought round an apple crumble for tea at my youngest’s 3rd birthday party.

I had a little for pudding.

Then a spoon full or two after.

Then a little after they had gone.

And I finished it off before bed.

Twas foolish and, even while I was doing it, I was questioning why.

It’s why I don’t have any unhealthy food in my house.

My will power is no better than anyone else’s.

I realised long ago that will power is rubbish.

Infact “Willpower is a finite resource”.

It runs out.

It’s best to create a system and an environment where will power isn’t needed.

I do most of our food shopping online, so there’s little temptation to add unhealthy stuff.


When I go to the supermakets, I only go down a handful of aisles with the stuff I want in.

I know if I go down the others there’s a chance something might ‘jump into my trolley’.

Because “if you own it, you’ll eat it”.

Create an environment where these foods aren’t there, constantly reminding you and you’ll find it easy to forget them.

Have them there, peaking out at your and teasing you with their addictive sugars, attractive packaging and convenience and you’ll end up having them at some point.


BTW – There’s some guy stalking me on Facebook. I’m going to talk about him on Monday and which parts of his tactics you can copy (and which to avoid).



Much love,

Jon “I do like crumble” Hall


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