So, we’ve opened up applications for the March ‘risk-free trial’ of our Group Transformation Programme this week.


As for the last few months, Macc is full, so it’s ‘1 out, 1 in’.


We’ll know by the 20th if anyone’s moving on this month and how many spaces we have for next month.


Buxton’s nearly there too.


You, or a friend, can apply to get on the programme at and we’ll give you a call to help you find if the programme is a good fit for what you need.




I was talking to one of the applications yesterday.


She was asking me about ‘joining fees’, ‘contracts’, ‘tie ins’, ‘cancellation periods’, etc.


Which is fair enough, because that’s what you get when you join a gym.


She was surprised when I explained we didn’t have any of these.


There’s terms and conditions, sure – but no tie in, extra costs and so on.


If someone is unwilling or unable to continue with us we aren’t interested in tying them into something – not our cup of tea.


Whether that’s after a month or ten years.


We don’t even really like the term ‘joining’.


We don’t think of people ‘joining’ us.


We feel more that people find out what we do, why we do it, what we believe in and want to be part of it.


They want to be part of our cause and share our journey.


They don’t think of starting with us as ‘joining’ somewhere – they think of it as the first day of the rest of their lives.


We don’t want to ‘sign them up’ – we want to help them on their journey to their transformation, whatever that may be.


If you, or a friend, want to start transforming your life and body, you can try out what we do risk free by applying at


It’s not free free as that attracts time wasters and bargain hunters.


Our reputation is strong enough that we don’t need to offer freebies and discounts.


But it comes with a full money back guarantee, like everything we do.


So, you can’t go wrong.


What are you waiting for – either check it out or get your friends to make that first step –


Much love,


Jon ‘Been paying for a mobile broadband package for the last year when I don’t need it anymore – never going back to those guys’ Hall and Matt ‘Me too’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall

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