Paul Mort is the other guy who took the course I was on last weekend.


He emails me everyday, much like I email you handsome dudes and pretty ladies 😉


He’s the reason I’ve started daily emails.


I’ve seen the value it adds to my life and want to do the same for yous (why do Scouse folk say that?).


He sent a mail out the other day entitled ‘You’re a lycra wearing lettuce lover”.


It covered the fact that the average fella and fella-ette in the street sees us that way.


That we’re freaks who live in the gym, wear lycra and eat healthily 24-7.


Part of the reason I blog so much is to help dispel that myth.


And show you it’s not true – at RISE anyway.


We’re normal people with normal lives and face the same challenges as you.


We just happen to have decided to make a living help others with the challenges we’ve either faced and overcome or are still facing.


And we got into the industry because we like helping people.


Not to shout at them and make them feel bad about themselves.


I was talking to Arnie, one of the ninjas at our Buxton RISE on Monday.


He’s the one you see in a lot of the ‘before and afters’ with his shirt off, getting progressively less hairy as he loses weight for some reason.


What’s all that about Arnie? 😉


(BTW – before people worry, we don’t just take and use people’s photos – they’re ones offered to us by people off their own back).


He was saying that he’d noticed that, during his time with us, he’d come to realise that.


That we wanted to build a career, sure.


But that we wanted to help people transform their lives and bodies first and foremost.


If I was motivated by money, there’s no way I’d be working in fitness.


I’d probably use that degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Management that I’ve got (somewhere).



Much love,


Jon ‘Normal Guy’ Hall


P.S. I’ve just realised that I forgot to tell you about my Facebook stalker the other day. I’ll cover it tomorrow.


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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