Hey guys,


Sorry this is late – I was super busy with LEAN Mapping assessments yesterday.


I’d actually written this over the weekend, but it seemed to go missing 🙁


Anyway – I was talking to one my clients Dave the other day.


Dave has just been on holiday with some of his bridge playing chums.


And one of them asked what his ‘secret’ was to “losing his belly”.


As they had, apparently, tried ‘everything’.


Dave explained that he was just eating healthily.


He’d started focusing on treating his body with good quality, nutritious food and has cut down on the crap which has been causing his weight gain.


Simples, no?


One of the changes Dave has made is replacing his bread (which he ate a lot of) with better stuff.


Infact he doesn’t really have bread any more.


He’s not ‘cut it out’.


He’s just not that interested in it any more as he sees what getting the good stuff in him is doing for his waistline and health.


One of his party asked the question that I’ve been asked hundreds of times over the years when people realise I don’t really eat bread.


“What do you have for lunch if you can’t have a sandwich?”


Before the 4th Earl of Sandwich invented / popularised the sandwich as we know it 250 years ago, we managed to have lunch.


No one went hungry.


Well, not due to the lack of the sandwich anyway.


I’d say at least 90% of the people who come to us have a sandwich for lunch.


Often with some ‘low fat crisps’, some fruit and a yoghurt.


You can have anything you like for lunch.


Don’t let the food marketers trick you into thinking this is either the only convenient lunch you can have or that it’s a healthy option.


You can check our latest ‘Freddie Food Marketer’ video about lunch here.


Think outside the box.


Make more of your evening meal and tupperware it up for tomorrow’s lunch.


Batch cook the whole week’s lunch on a Sunday night.


Plan ahead what you’re doing the coming week and get stuff in on your weekly shop.


It’s not more effort – it’s just putting the effort in ahead of time.


Wait till your hungry and the only options are usually crap.


Have healthy stuff with you and it’s easy, no?


In tomorrow’s email, I’m going to tell you what I would do differently if I were to have my time starting out in the fitness industry again.



Much love,


Jon ‘Salmon for lunch today’ Hall



P.S. We’re not going to be running a ’28 Day Body Transformation’ in December.


Our experience shows us that December is a terrible time of year to start something new, with Christmas stuff going on.


We’re not like a gym that just wants to get people signed into a contract.


We want to help people transform their lives – and starting in December isn’t the best way to start that process.


So the next 28DBT will be the January one.


It will be the last one that’s a reduced trial price (or free with a giftcard) in Macclesfield too.


As we’ll be full then and it’ll be 1 in 1 out on a normal membership.


The same will happen at Buxton in either February or March.


So – if you, or anyone you know wants to transform your life, you’re running out of chances.


We’re taking applications at www.28daybodytransformation.co.uk/apply.



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