We mentioned on Tuesday that we had coaching day on Monday.

As with other months, one if the key areas people struggled with was alcohol.
Particularly the few drinks after a hard day.
You know ‘Wine O Clock’.
As always, at The a RISE , we’re not about just stopping doing things.
Like cutting out biscuits.
Or cake.
Or alcohol.
It just leaves a biscuit / cake / alcohol shaped hole in your life.
And restriction rarely works.
Long term.
The key, often, is to replace the thing with something else.
Something else that can give the same short term benefit (pleasure) without the same long term cost (not liking to way you look, low energy levels and mood, etc).
Or to remove the need for that thing in the first place.
You can replace it with something else that gives you pleasure.
Your favourite TV programme, a game, a walk, a chat with a friend, sex, sitting out in the garden, a workout, etc.
And there are various ways you can remove the need.
Often they are systems that help you deal with stresses.
We’ve gone over many of them before.
You can check all our old blogs at myrise.co.uk/blog.
But Karen, one of our ninjas, posted a good one in our members’ Facebook group the other day.
The ‘6 hats model’.
Where, basically you have an imaginary coloured hat for each role in your life.
Husband / wife / boyfriend / girlfriend.
Parent and / or child.
Employee and / boss.
And, when it comes time to shift between these roles (eg: on your way home), you make a conscious effort to imagine the removal of one hat.
And the putting on of another.
And make that mental shift of leaving behind the stresses and strains or that last role.
And focussing properly on this next one.
Give it a go.
Much love,
Jonny ‘and Jennifer Yellow Hat’ and Matt ‘Roger Red Hat’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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