Unless you have been very naughty this year, Santa will have been to visit last night and you’ll all be in the midst of some sort of present opening and general festivities.


Arnie, one of our Buxton ninjas who has seen insane changes this year, posted a picture of a super ripped and muscular Santa in the group the other day.


You can see it here.


It got me thinking.


The Santa we see before Christmas has obviously been purposefully increasing his body fat stores, much like any endurance athlete, ready for the gruelling physical challenge that awaits him once a year.


So Santa, does the following things that we can all learn from in our quest to get in shape / get back on it in the New Year.


  1. Interval training – he doesn’t go at a steady speed all through the night. He rests as the reindeers transport him to the next house, then bursts into action – down the chimney, presents out and back up in an 1,800th of a second.
  2. Perspective – he knows that while one salad won’t make someone thin, one cake doesn’t make you fat. Eating healthy, natural foods on a good balance for most of the year means he can get away with the odd night of a few billion mince pies and sherries.
  3. Good social life – Santa enjoys the rest of the year with Mrs. Claus and the elves – research (and our experience) shows that the happier someone is with their social life, the happier they are and, generally, the slimmer and healthier they are. Doesn’t mean you need tonnes of friends, just creating a circle that make you happy.
  4. Chilling – he’s a happy, jovial fellow. Getting rid of / minimising / dealing with stress is a huge factor in helping people shift stubborn weight.


Just a light hearted look at how Santa goes from somewhat rotund to looking awesome.


See if you can take anything from it.


Much love,


Jon ‘Getting my boys back at 4 o clock’ Hall and Matthew ‘I got Emma loads of stuff with my face on it’ Nicholson

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